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The Millie Collar

You want your dog to have everything that you have—a cozy home, nutritious meals, lots of love. Did you ever think of giving him or her the skin you live in? You love your skin, so why not give your dog something similar to enjoy? The Millie Collar offers you the closest thing: someone else’s skin. Millie herself was a dog lover, so we know she wouldn’t have minded being taken from her roommates in the middle of the night, transported to a crowded slaughterhouse, and dismembered while still conscious to produce the best collar for your best friend.

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From Augusta, Georgia, Millie was a bit of a loner, so not that many people searched for her. Thank God.

Leathering Methods
Leathering Methods

We treated Millie’s skin with a special blend of mineral salts, formaldehyde, and coal-tar derivatives to ensure that this collar will last.

Garment Care
Garment Care

We know your dog is going to "ruff" this one up, so it’s pretty durable.

Customer Reviews

Strange Reaction to Collar

My dog wouldn’t go near this thing. I tried to put it on him, but he started whimpering and ran away. Very strange! He’s never had issues with a collar before. I guess I’ll be returning it.


First of all, it’s beautiful. It would look so good on my doodle if only she would wear it. I put it on her, and she started rolling around and howling. I guess dogs aren’t as good at sensing quality as humans! Taking one star off because it must be uncomfortable on the dog or something.

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