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The Meg Boot

Our signature Meg Boot is our most popular style, but make no mistake: Each boot features its own special touches, depending on which part of Meg was used. She was aging beautifully, so a majority of the work was already done for us, but we still managed to get in some extra tanning. With every kick and scream came lots of pounding with hammers to ensure that the leather stays soft and pliable. We managed to clean off most of the blood, but the occasional drop can be expected as a result of the handmade process.

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Leather Parts Leather Parts Double shoulder, belly

Meg was from Philadelphia. She had a very large family who all miss her very much.

Leathering Methods
Leathering Methods

We took every opportunity to put our own special touches on each boot, including wounding the skin in order to provide a truly special footwear experience.

Garment Care
Garment Care

Keep Meg cleaned and conditioned regularly. We’ve learned that she was fond of sandalwood-scented moisturizer, so we recommend its continued use.

Customer Reviews


I’m not really a boot person, but I’m glad Meg was, because these are the best boots I’ve ever worn. The leather is of such high quality—I can tell a lot of time went into skinning and preservation. Do you guys also make food-grade items? Just asking.

One Meg, One Me

Totally unique boots. It’s cool knowing that there are only a few pairs out there in the world, because they specifically came from Meg. I’m knocking a star off because they’re a little narrow, but if you have narrow feet, they’ll be perfect.

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