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The Sofie Dress

Located at the intersection of style and luxury, the Sofie Dress is designed to last, season after season. Sofie was a timeless beauty, captured in the prime of her life. After being lured away from her home, she was forced to walk 20 miles. When she stumbled from exhaustion, cruel farmers rubbed tobacco and chili pepper in her eyes. The Sofie dress is sure to become the only dress you’ll need, which is good, because there was only one of her.

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Sofie was from Austin, Texas, and had a small family but a large online following.

Leathering Methods
Leathering Methods

Skinned partially alive in order to keep the skin soft and supple.

Garment Care
Garment Care

This leather is weatherproof and can take on anything, as it did rain for a portion of Sofie’s journey.

Customer Reviews

Cut Directly From Sofie

The neckline of this dress is so perfect that it makes me wonder whether it was cut directly from Sofie. I mean, knowing this company, it probably was. This dress is very flattering and could be dressed up or down.

Compliments and Vomiting

I’ve gotten so many compliments on this dress. And a few weird looks. A couple of shudders. One person vomited. The vast majority of reactions, however, have been positive.

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