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The Juliet Skirt

The Juliet Skirt features our softest-ever Juliet skin, meticulously tailored from the best of Juliet. The best portions of her hide were selected in order to ensure that the natural beauty is preserved in the product, as Juliet was taken quite young. She was a sensitive soul, crying and vomiting in fear right up until the end (as children tend to do). Be sure to snag this while we still have it in stock, as Juliet was petite and therefore only a few were made.

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Leather Parts Leather Parts Half hide
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Juliet was from a small town in North Dakota that you’ve never heard of (and probably never will).

Leathering Methods
Leathering Methods

The hide was placed on a leather-splitting machine to ensure a durable thickness.

Garment Care
Garment Care

To retain and amplify beauty, keep in a cool, dark place.

Customer Reviews

Pungent and Stinky

Juliet must have been tiny—this thing barely covers my butt. It’s disappointing, because the leather is so fresh and almost pungent. Does it ooze? It might ooze. Three stars.


Love, love, love this skirt! The material is both tough and delicate. It’s a skintight fit on me, which I love and which is fitting (LOL). It’s so luxurious.

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