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The Dan Pants

There are a lot of Dans in the world, but no two are the same. We brought that level of uniqueness to our Dan Pants. Many, many Dans were used in the making of these pants. We gathered all the Dans we could in order to ensure that we could meet demand. No two have the same bruises, scars, or residual blood left over from the several days of torture that it took to produce these unique garments. Know a Dan? Like a Dan? You’re gonna love these pants.

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There’s too much to get into here. (If you know a Dan, you might want to check on him.)

Leathering Methods
Leathering Methods

Varies from pant to pant but includes stunning, hanging, flaying, and more.

Garment Care
Garment Care

Although each pair is different, each should be kept folded in a cool, dry location.

Customer Reviews

Too Many Marks

I know each pair of pants is unique depending on the Dan, but mine came marked with what seem to be bloodstains? Definitely returning mine. Maybe you’ll have better luck, but that’s why I’m giving two stars.

Can Someone Tell Me Which Dan?

These pants are comfortable and go with everything. Dope. Kinda weird but still dope. They get them from a real Dan? I don’t really understand LOL.

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