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The Richard Loafers

Some loafers require a special “antiquing” process in order to ensure that the leather is soft and pliable—but not our Richard Loafers. Richard was already antiqued when taken away from his family and herded into a pen made for three but containing 15. Don’t worry—he had already lived a long, fulfilling life and was ready to sacrifice himself so that others could look their best. (At least, that’s what we assume he would have wanted—we bashed him in the head several times, so he wasn’t really able to form complete sentences during his last hours on Earth.)

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Leather Parts Leather Parts Bends, belly

Richard had farming roots and spent a lot of time outside in Des Moines, Iowa. He’s missed by each of his 26 family members.

Leathering Methods
Leathering Methods

This hide had an excessive number of scars, so we buffed and sanded them out while Richard was partially paralyzed.

Garment Care

The leather is already beautifully aged, and we took the time to de-hair Richard while he was still alive. Keep these in a cool, dry place so that they’ll stay soft.

Customer Reviews

Beautifully Aged, Almost Ripe

These are elegant and high-quality. I appreciate that the leather is already aged and soft—usually, I’d need to wear in shoes before they would become this pliable, but the leather used to create these is wonderfully ripened.

These Made My Skin Crawl

Didn’t quite work on my feet. There was just something *off* about them. I can’t quite put my finger on it. They looked good and felt good, but something just didn’t seem right. I know that doesn’t make sense, but I felt an immediate need to return them.

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