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Meet Our Afterlife Collection
Keeping Your Family Members Close
Keeping Your Family Members Close

Has Never Been Easier

We’ll turn your loved one’s skin into a handmade item
for you to cherish. Here’s our process.

Get Started
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    Step 1

    Fill out our death certification form, which gives full custody of the deceased’s remains to us. Be sure to fill it out in its entirety—the authorities can be so picky about human remains.

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    Step 2

    We collect the remains from a prearranged destination—a hospital or otherwise. Don’t worry about transportation, as we have that covered.

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    Step 3

    We then begin the leathering process. These items are handmade and take time to craft. The turnaround time is usually five to seven weeks, but what’s a month and a half compared to an eternity?

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    Step 4

    We’ll mail your item express, free of charge. Included will be a certificate of authenticity with the deceased’s name and vital information, suitable for framing.

Carry On With Life

With Your Loved Ones By Your Side

Interested in preserving a loved one and being fashionable, all at the same time? We can take care of that for you. Simply tell us who you’d like to wear (or carry) next season and we’ll start the preparations.

Whether it’s a beloved grandparent or a treasured friend, you can leave all the arrangements to us. Nothing says vintage like the precious skin of your loved one transformed into a bespoke jacket, bag, or other item that you feel best suits your style while preserving their memory.

Skin To Product Chart
Skin to Product Chart
  • Briefcase Briefcase
  • Purse Purse
  • Photo Album
  • Wallet Wallet
Download the brochure for further information.
Download the brochure for further information. Download Brochure